Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some tips for those who are planning interior home furniture

Some tips for those who are planning interior home furniture:

1. The initial stage, of course, check your pocket. Generally, buy ready-made interior furniture (manufacturers), such as furniture is minimalist, it can be cheaper than making interior furniture to order (custom). But be careful, it is often cheaper to reflect the quality that is not too good. Custom interior furniture is usually stronger because we can determine the material and finishing system that we want during preproduction.

2. Discuss with other residents, about concepts such as what it wants to form furniture for your home interior furniture, record whatever item you want in each room, break-separated furniture what needs to be purchased and which ones should be made in particular.

 3. Think about the time the procurement of furniture, do not rush. To buy interior furniture manufacturer 1-2 weeks is more than enough but if you plan to create a custom interior furniture provide at least 3-4 weeks for the pre & production.

4. After knowing the desired concept, to search for reference designs each item is worth discussing with Google alias Mbah a look first photographs that already exist on the internet who knows there are designs that you like. You can copy and hand it to the designer (or contractor) to be applied to the measure in accordance with the plan of your space. To cut costs, do not forget to tell the designer to replace expensive materials with cheaper materials without compromising its function. For example the use of table glass and stainless legs can be replaced with wood.

5. Remember, do not just fixated on the design but also prioritizing the functions of the design. Adaptation course design that you have learned

6. Once the design is finished, locate and select the best contractors in your city to make furniture according to your wishes. Leave the existing images to calculate how much it cost. Do not be lazy to compare with other contractors and tell the contractor that you are also looking for another comparison. This is so the calculation of the contractor is not too excessive.

7.Do not forget to discuss a matter of time schedule production processes

So few of these tips, if there are more who have other tips, please comment here

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