Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hotel Duomo has been a long time fixture in the historic heart of Rimini

 Hotel Duomo has been a long time fixture in the historic heart of Rimini, one of Italy's long-standing and established seaside resorts. Untouched for years until the owner decided to bring celebrated architect Ron Arad and his team into the picture in 2003, produces a unique and exciting transformation. The main concept around the need to embrace the past while creating the space to look thoroughly into the future. This need for dynamism, design and creativity to produce a unique identity in the design, where the contrast of smooth, light, shadow and transparency have been incorporated into existing buildings, thus giving birth to a new hotel.



Hotel entrance is through the door of a giant ball-pin-fin, framing look to the reception area, which would be the focal point of the hotel. The front desk is a large circular stainless steel structure, dramatic leaning at an angle, looks like a wedding ring that big dance tends in the dish. Shelves built into this ring defines the topography of the horizontal table. The wall behind the reception is formed by a series of aluminum-fin shape, allowing natural light to flood the room while affording views editable from the office located behind it. Although the ultra-futuristic in design, light emitting area entrance bouncy. Original Features brave, bold colors and shapes adventure would make a great impact, setting the tone for a stay guest.


Much-hyped club Nomi is a large island with fjord-like spoon to spread out from the main structure to provide guests with a surface to sit on. The surface of the rod is made of brushed steel and the sides finished in polished mirrored steel, creating a distorted reflection of the people and environment. On summer nights comfortable, clever retractable glass wall allows for activities in the bar to be taken out into the streets in the heart of Rimini's history alive. World famous DJs are invited regularly to entertain guests and locals and the beach party Sunday promoted by the hotel already feature high on the agenda of the crowd-ins. unconventional designs and attractive is also present in private champagne room. It is set in an exclusive atmosphere for guests to enjoy after a day of work or relax.

 Arad bold design philosophy is reflected in all rooms as well. bathroom pods individually formed to create a background for the bedroom. Each pod is a wet room with teak slatted wooden floors and large glass circular window, which allows natural light into the room. The exterior of this unique structure is designed headboard. Plays with visual provocation HAS Arad, experimenting with basic spatial perception while maintaining the highest level of comfort in the rooms. Careful management of the movement of light and shadow evoke the idea of infinite space in the Duomo.

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