Friday, December 17, 2010

Building a clean bathroom and healthy

The bathroom is a core part (Architecture Design) from a house. Morning activities start from this place. When we want to build or renovate bathroom is good and healthy, there are things we have to consider.

Several aspects must be considered, such as Architecture Design, size, condition of the bathroom is dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security

* Size
Measuring the size of a bathroom mainly depends on the available land. When our homes are large, we can make a big bathroom. But if the vast land of our homes is limited, so the bathroom should also be adjusted. Another factor is the activities undertaken in the bathroom. If the bathroom or dressing up to be a place you love to soak the shower size may be larger

* Dry or wet
Bathroom with floor dry cleaner look. However, the wet floor still more preferred because the bathing habits of Indonesia. It could also put the dry and wet bathroom in one room. The concern is there should be a separation in order not to dry the wet floor. For example, by using a separator or glass fiber can also be made with the wet lower surface and separated the plastic.

 * Location
The laying of the objects in the bathroom should be arranged as well. For example the sink is placed to the front so that when washing hands, we need not go into the inside of a bathroom or closet should not be placed after a wet floor area.

* Light
The bathroom is often the growing place of germs. So, if possible, the design for the bathroom can get sunlight, for example by using a transparent tile or other transparent material opaque sun. Because of the presence of sunlight to prevent germs growing. In addition, it can help save the use of headlights during the day.

* Air
To be healthy, in the bathroom is also need for air circulation. Circulation is not good to make a bathroom odor. Then it can be grating at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If not possible to install the lattice, it can be mounted exhaust fan.

* Safe
Bathroom safety is also worth noting, because we do not want any family members who are injured or fall in the bathroom. So to the floor, you should not choose a slippery floor. Cleanliness should also be considered, so no moss so the bathroom became slippery.

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