Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make a small room look big with a bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration narrow feels stifling and uncomfortable? Especially if you have to share a room with other people. Like an unpleasant ordeal, feeling confined and not free to dominate. Not to mention the other effects caused by not feeling comfortable in the cramped space, lack of sleep for example. This may just be because you feel less freedom of movement (although your bed is big enough). Then how do you look for bedroom decoration spacious and comfortable?

1. Replace interior paint your bedroom

Bright colors will give the impression of more spacious and comfortable. If the current paint the walls in your bedroom dark and gloomy, substitute with bright colors soft, such as white, pink, chiffon, and a few other colors are bright shades. Some furniture is also representing the narrow impression of this so if it is too dark, substitute with brightly colored as well.

2. Put the glass on the wall

Hangers large mirror as the bedroom wall decoration in your bedroom to give a broad reflection of the room. The atmosphere of your bedroom will look brighter and spacious due to the reflection of a mirror image. If this is your room too narrow, maybe you can replace it with a storefront mirror, making it easy to move everywhere.

3. Wood Furniture

You may not lovers of wooden furniture, but if you want to get a broader impression, replace all accessories interior design your bedroom with wood. Once again, choose bright colors for the impression of breadth is still thick.

4. Placements that fit

Set up and slide some furniture to get the right angle. Attach furniture diagonally - vertical, if room widens to the side then, furniture was made vertical angle. Neither the contrary.

5. Little things

Do not let your small stuff strewn everywhere. Tidy up in a box or cupboard so that everything looks gathered into one. This trick will minimize the space occupied these items so as not to seem full.

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