Sunday, December 19, 2010

a Good color for your house design

House Design Idea  --> Every house needs a touch of intimacy and warmth that is very high, because the place is going to happen social interaction, family relationships are full of intimacy and warmth among residents nya.Yang called a general nature spaces in a building is usually the spaces with activity user space routine and uncertain. Users also are fixed space (according to the duties and functions), so that the necessary facilities will be standard both size and shape such as schools, hospitals, and others similar. Also, for practical and economical. Perhaps we often see decorating the exhibition or a nice interior partitions. We can learn from it.

Imagine if the residence is treated the same as we treat the spaces of a general nature earlier. All walls painted the same color (eg white), all furniture made of metal or plastic for easy cleaning, weather-resistant, heat resistant and not easily damaged. Was like being in a hospital? Want a practical, economical, effective but not human.

Well, because home is where the inhabitants live off all the physical fatigue, thoughts and emotions then of course the things that will affect the fatigue-fatigue above must be eliminated. Usually the beauty of the exhibition design / decor exhibits and interior partitions makes us want to like it. So we can see the interior exhibits, or other design exhibitions. Usually the forms of furniture that is too stiff, hard and monotonous will make the spaces in the residence to be memorable stiff. So you should not be placed in the house (unless it wants to have a house with rooms that reflect the arrogance and keep a distance with his guest). Select only the forms of material made from natural materials (wood, stone, cloth, etc.). Moreover, the chairs in the living room or family room is not necessarily the same shape, can be several forms and materials are selected and placed in the Living Room, as long as there remains the unifying elements that make a stay in harmony / harmonious with the overall space.

In the exhibition, exhibition contractors try to show the best exhibition design. This is for design lovers interested. Back again to the matter of choosing the color, is fine white vote to give the impression of vast, bright, and clean, but some are more human touch that will make an appearance space seem more intimate and touching. For example, choosing colors for the seat upholstery, decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloths, table covers, lamp armature, carpet or floor coatings, and others.

As for private spaces, you can experiment with colors you like. For example, you can not impose to dye your room or your children with bright colors which, not necessarily because they like it. Pick a color they like, but you also must be smart not to use colors which "shade" as the color purple because it will make their willingness to learn to be reduced.

Furthermore, in terms of choosing complementary accessories room, choose accessories that you and or your children like but do not jeopardize your safety and they, for example motives simple but attractive, such as flowers, geometric patterns with the pattern size is small. Avoid choosing Furniture with sharp corners, etc.. Maybe we can follow the exhibition of interior / exhibition design to add to the skyline.

The minimalist concept of home design

The minimalist concept of home is going to look more simple. Still does not mean minimalist style house easier to make. On the contrary, the working style house that should be more careful, because one little will be obvious. Because there are no ornaments that cover it.

You are confused create a modern minimalist home design?

You are confused create a modern minimalist home design? Material selection is complicated in its Interior Design?
There is no question, parquet flooring, wood flooring suitable for all styles styles: minimalist house, modern, ethnic home, Mediterranean homes, apartment minimalist, eclectic, tropical homes, tropical minimalist home. But what kind of existing parquet?

Parquet floor can be applied in almost any interior design or interior design houses including the house design minimalist. Starting from the design of the outside terrace, foyer designs, home interior design, design living room, family room design, dining room, bedroom to a home theater interior design. Why? Because in addition to functions that make the space warmer, parquet flooring has become a symbol of luxury and elegance.

Material for parquet wood in Indonesia, mostly teak manifold, merbau wood, coconut wood, wood sungkai, wood sonokeling, wood and ironwood bengkirai used by the architect's house. The latter is fairly expensive and somewhat difficult to find both the house interior design services or the services of an architect's house. If imports are usually manifold parquet, oak, lime, cherry, walnut or maple. Parquet shape also varied ranging from square, rectangular or triangular. And parquet can also be formed with the pattern of curves, circles, if you order it specially.

Well, just sharing the knowledge there are 3 types of parquet that you should know that is solid parquet, laminate parquet and veneer parquet.

Solid wood parquet, meaning that the entire parquet made of solid wood pieces, with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. The surplus, according to the price that can be more 3 times the parquet laminate, ie every time you can merefinshing as much as you like. The impression of luxury and soft interior design you'll get. The disadvantage is, vulnerable to termites for certain types of wood. Sample images below are solid teak parquet in a minimalist home interior.

If one day you intend to buy a minimalist home with the lure of home interior parquet flooring, check the type of parquet and parquet when it is installed. If it is made of solid wood, the older the more expensive price. If the laminate, the older the age of the installation of an architect's house, prepare to spend to replace it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Building a clean bathroom and healthy

The bathroom is a core part (Architecture Design) from a house. Morning activities start from this place. When we want to build or renovate bathroom is good and healthy, there are things we have to consider.

Several aspects must be considered, such as Architecture Design, size, condition of the bathroom is dry or wet, location, lighting, air circulation, and security

* Size
Measuring the size of a bathroom mainly depends on the available land. When our homes are large, we can make a big bathroom. But if the vast land of our homes is limited, so the bathroom should also be adjusted. Another factor is the activities undertaken in the bathroom. If the bathroom or dressing up to be a place you love to soak the shower size may be larger

* Dry or wet
Bathroom with floor dry cleaner look. However, the wet floor still more preferred because the bathing habits of Indonesia. It could also put the dry and wet bathroom in one room. The concern is there should be a separation in order not to dry the wet floor. For example, by using a separator or glass fiber can also be made with the wet lower surface and separated the plastic.

 * Location
The laying of the objects in the bathroom should be arranged as well. For example the sink is placed to the front so that when washing hands, we need not go into the inside of a bathroom or closet should not be placed after a wet floor area.

* Light
The bathroom is often the growing place of germs. So, if possible, the design for the bathroom can get sunlight, for example by using a transparent tile or other transparent material opaque sun. Because of the presence of sunlight to prevent germs growing. In addition, it can help save the use of headlights during the day.

* Air
To be healthy, in the bathroom is also need for air circulation. Circulation is not good to make a bathroom odor. Then it can be grating at the bottom of the door or at the top of the bathroom. If not possible to install the lattice, it can be mounted exhaust fan.

* Safe
Bathroom safety is also worth noting, because we do not want any family members who are injured or fall in the bathroom. So to the floor, you should not choose a slippery floor. Cleanliness should also be considered, so no moss so the bathroom became slippery.

Inspiration to make the living room

The living room is the place to make guests into your home comfortable guest living room than it sometimes is also a place to exchange stories of home owners with a guest.

It has a cozy living room architect that the what? there are a couple of things you may need to be noticed while building a living room that is:

 1. The living room is certainly too small size, so do not meet the living room with furniture. Simply provide the two-seat sofa (two seaters), a single seater sofa, and a small table. If there is more room to add a corner table. Existing furniture if possible place it propped against the wall for the room look more spacious.

2. laying does not disrupt the flow of circulation from the entrance to other rooms. At home with the size of the living room large enough or large, can put a sofa with a large enough size, for example with 3-2-1 seaters sofa and coffee table and end table with nearly the same as putting a small house so as not to disrupt the flow circulation into the other room.

 3. Combine the two different sofas are very interesting. The difference here means different shapes, different designs, or color differences. For intermediaries seek common thread between the two, for example in the form of a matching color.
4. Choose furniture that light, thick seat, such as a sofa gives the impression of weight. But the selection of the right couch can make the living room does not impress management and solid

Kitchen Design tips for simple and efficient

Do you include people who are often devastated the contents of the kitchen only to find certain objects, such as coffee? This could be due to the location settings goods that are not well regulated. And just as elsewhere, the interior kitchen was also necessary to manage properly.

Here are some tips to avoid this incident so that goods could be obtained without a lot of time eating in the search.

Put the furniture in the kitchen interiors that have been arranged according to function.

For dry food or groceries at the supermarket, it never hurts when all of that put in a special cupboard used to store food rations. For this section, should not be mixed with other objects, such as plastic grocery or pan. All of it must have its own place. For food supplies such as plates and glasses, there is usually a separate place that is located above the sink or the sink. Shelves are usually installed above has its own function, so after washing dishes, cups or spoons, these objects can be directly placed to drain the remaining water is still attached. Juag it more efficient, you do not need a lot of exertion, for example, to walk a few steps in order to put these objects crockery. Stay open rack, put plates and glasses, all right.

For kitchen spices such as sugar, pepper, soy sauce, and similar objects, put everything on the shelf near the stove or a place to cook.

That way every time want to cook, you just take it with a relatively close distance. Just imagine if the cooking equipment was placed in a cabinet located under the sink for example, how many times you have to go back and forth every want to cook?

For pots and pans, place in a closed drawer.

Other Touches is a place to put the objects you use most every day

For example coffee, tea, sugar, or plain cake that is served at the guests. Place the jar that contains the objects on open shelves in place and easily accessible. The purpose other than so do not go looking like the first case, you also can know when inventory began to run out or thinning. so if want to get it cooked faster.

If necessary, make it easier for others to find a particular item, put a label on each place with a small paper that has been written.

Ready to make your kitchen more comfortable interior compact, and efficient?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make a small room look big with a bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration narrow feels stifling and uncomfortable? Especially if you have to share a room with other people. Like an unpleasant ordeal, feeling confined and not free to dominate. Not to mention the other effects caused by not feeling comfortable in the cramped space, lack of sleep for example. This may just be because you feel less freedom of movement (although your bed is big enough). Then how do you look for bedroom decoration spacious and comfortable?

1. Replace interior paint your bedroom

Bright colors will give the impression of more spacious and comfortable. If the current paint the walls in your bedroom dark and gloomy, substitute with bright colors soft, such as white, pink, chiffon, and a few other colors are bright shades. Some furniture is also representing the narrow impression of this so if it is too dark, substitute with brightly colored as well.

2. Put the glass on the wall

Hangers large mirror as the bedroom wall decoration in your bedroom to give a broad reflection of the room. The atmosphere of your bedroom will look brighter and spacious due to the reflection of a mirror image. If this is your room too narrow, maybe you can replace it with a storefront mirror, making it easy to move everywhere.

3. Wood Furniture

You may not lovers of wooden furniture, but if you want to get a broader impression, replace all accessories interior design your bedroom with wood. Once again, choose bright colors for the impression of breadth is still thick.

4. Placements that fit

Set up and slide some furniture to get the right angle. Attach furniture diagonally - vertical, if room widens to the side then, furniture was made vertical angle. Neither the contrary.

5. Little things

Do not let your small stuff strewn everywhere. Tidy up in a box or cupboard so that everything looks gathered into one. This trick will minimize the space occupied these items so as not to seem full.

Don't forget to comment in here.. Thanks... :)

Some tips for those who are planning interior home furniture

Some tips for those who are planning interior home furniture:

1. The initial stage, of course, check your pocket. Generally, buy ready-made interior furniture (manufacturers), such as furniture is minimalist, it can be cheaper than making interior furniture to order (custom). But be careful, it is often cheaper to reflect the quality that is not too good. Custom interior furniture is usually stronger because we can determine the material and finishing system that we want during preproduction.

2. Discuss with other residents, about concepts such as what it wants to form furniture for your home interior furniture, record whatever item you want in each room, break-separated furniture what needs to be purchased and which ones should be made in particular.

 3. Think about the time the procurement of furniture, do not rush. To buy interior furniture manufacturer 1-2 weeks is more than enough but if you plan to create a custom interior furniture provide at least 3-4 weeks for the pre & production.

4. After knowing the desired concept, to search for reference designs each item is worth discussing with Google alias Mbah a look first photographs that already exist on the internet who knows there are designs that you like. You can copy and hand it to the designer (or contractor) to be applied to the measure in accordance with the plan of your space. To cut costs, do not forget to tell the designer to replace expensive materials with cheaper materials without compromising its function. For example the use of table glass and stainless legs can be replaced with wood.

5. Remember, do not just fixated on the design but also prioritizing the functions of the design. Adaptation course design that you have learned

6. Once the design is finished, locate and select the best contractors in your city to make furniture according to your wishes. Leave the existing images to calculate how much it cost. Do not be lazy to compare with other contractors and tell the contractor that you are also looking for another comparison. This is so the calculation of the contractor is not too excessive.

7.Do not forget to discuss a matter of time schedule production processes

So few of these tips, if there are more who have other tips, please comment here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Modern Architerture concept


Modern architecture does not begin with the revolution that is not to arrive - arrived discard the pre-modern and replace it with a geometric as one - the only form of architecture, but gradually abolish the ornaments - ornaments and decorations are replaced by geometry. Modern architecture is known to have evolved more or less half a century, beginning about one - around 1920 to 1960 and in September 1930 has held a congress of CIAM is to generate methods of rational thought, to rebuild the buildings - buildings destroyed by World War II. In this case, they apply the speed in building (building component manufacturing), efficient, economical and rational. The emphasis on rationality. Such a building is considered to reflect its function and this phenomenon across national borders and cultures, so it can be considered to be international.

 Modern architecture has the view that architecture is the 'process to think' and not 'if feeling' (1750), and 'game space' and not 'form'. In line with the rapid advances in technology influence the architecture. The emergence of technology that supports the building materials of modern architecture. For example, glass that can be used to express the space or spaces. Because the characteristics - characteristics that 'there but invisible'. In addition to realizing the speed of the build is done with mass production of building materials resulting in modern architecture to penetrate the cultural and geographical boundaries, and become an international style of architecture and buildings - buildings in the world to be uniform. Ornament - ornament in the building is considered a crime and klasisme ever used by the fascists and nazi become a negative symbol and should be processed.

Hotel Duomo has been a long time fixture in the historic heart of Rimini

 Hotel Duomo has been a long time fixture in the historic heart of Rimini, one of Italy's long-standing and established seaside resorts. Untouched for years until the owner decided to bring celebrated architect Ron Arad and his team into the picture in 2003, produces a unique and exciting transformation. The main concept around the need to embrace the past while creating the space to look thoroughly into the future. This need for dynamism, design and creativity to produce a unique identity in the design, where the contrast of smooth, light, shadow and transparency have been incorporated into existing buildings, thus giving birth to a new hotel.



Hotel entrance is through the door of a giant ball-pin-fin, framing look to the reception area, which would be the focal point of the hotel. The front desk is a large circular stainless steel structure, dramatic leaning at an angle, looks like a wedding ring that big dance tends in the dish. Shelves built into this ring defines the topography of the horizontal table. The wall behind the reception is formed by a series of aluminum-fin shape, allowing natural light to flood the room while affording views editable from the office located behind it. Although the ultra-futuristic in design, light emitting area entrance bouncy. Original Features brave, bold colors and shapes adventure would make a great impact, setting the tone for a stay guest.


Much-hyped club Nomi is a large island with fjord-like spoon to spread out from the main structure to provide guests with a surface to sit on. The surface of the rod is made of brushed steel and the sides finished in polished mirrored steel, creating a distorted reflection of the people and environment. On summer nights comfortable, clever retractable glass wall allows for activities in the bar to be taken out into the streets in the heart of Rimini's history alive. World famous DJs are invited regularly to entertain guests and locals and the beach party Sunday promoted by the hotel already feature high on the agenda of the crowd-ins. unconventional designs and attractive is also present in private champagne room. It is set in an exclusive atmosphere for guests to enjoy after a day of work or relax.

 Arad bold design philosophy is reflected in all rooms as well. bathroom pods individually formed to create a background for the bedroom. Each pod is a wet room with teak slatted wooden floors and large glass circular window, which allows natural light into the room. The exterior of this unique structure is designed headboard. Plays with visual provocation HAS Arad, experimenting with basic spatial perception while maintaining the highest level of comfort in the rooms. Careful management of the movement of light and shadow evoke the idea of infinite space in the Duomo.

Inspiration new concept your House Design

For us ordinary people might be a bit difficult to understand why there must always be the new home design, both exterior and interior. But, another problem for architects. As with other creative professionals, is the architect of abstinence for repeating the same design. They will always try to explore something new.

   Especially in big cities. Efforts to find a new home design has become a challenge, either because the land increasingly narrow, increasingly crowded environment, changing climate, increasingly expensive cost of living, or because the higher the price of building materials. The new design tries to cope with various challenges it with the ultimate goal: occupancy remains able to meet the needs of our humanity.

   Another developer. For them a new home design is the selling tool. Especially for developers and middle-upper middle class housing. If design is the same house from time to time, most likely they are difficult to market. The reason, has become a character among middle-and high above us, uncomfortable with the house when his house on the block earlier.

    However, here too the contradiction. There are always new models but is not actually a new design except for modifications to the facade. Plan layout more or less the same as houses in the block or the previous cluster. Traders have always thought so many times to spend money again to make new designs. Efficiency is the sacred mantra of the developer. Thus, renewal of real estate at homes mostly just cosmetic.

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