Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Modern Architerture concept


Modern architecture does not begin with the revolution that is not to arrive - arrived discard the pre-modern and replace it with a geometric as one - the only form of architecture, but gradually abolish the ornaments - ornaments and decorations are replaced by geometry. Modern architecture is known to have evolved more or less half a century, beginning about one - around 1920 to 1960 and in September 1930 has held a congress of CIAM is to generate methods of rational thought, to rebuild the buildings - buildings destroyed by World War II. In this case, they apply the speed in building (building component manufacturing), efficient, economical and rational. The emphasis on rationality. Such a building is considered to reflect its function and this phenomenon across national borders and cultures, so it can be considered to be international.

 Modern architecture has the view that architecture is the 'process to think' and not 'if feeling' (1750), and 'game space' and not 'form'. In line with the rapid advances in technology influence the architecture. The emergence of technology that supports the building materials of modern architecture. For example, glass that can be used to express the space or spaces. Because the characteristics - characteristics that 'there but invisible'. In addition to realizing the speed of the build is done with mass production of building materials resulting in modern architecture to penetrate the cultural and geographical boundaries, and become an international style of architecture and buildings - buildings in the world to be uniform. Ornament - ornament in the building is considered a crime and klasisme ever used by the fascists and nazi become a negative symbol and should be processed.

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