Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interior Dining room tips

The presence of a dining room on the present is perhaps the most important room in the house. This is mainly due to the presence of this room also serves as a place where we gather as a family to spend quality time together. Naturally, if you then think about the decorations for this room, to try to show your personal touch, but also still give priority to the friendly atmosphere and comfortable rooms for guests.
Below you will find 5 tips for decorating a dining room and how you can transform your living room into the most popular place of your dwelling.

1. Identify your personal style
Some of us prefer simple and functional furniture. While some others prefer the luxurious style and full of accessories. Everyone has taste and style of each, so keeping the decor makes a consistency with other rooms in your home in style.

2. Color Selection
After recognizing your personal style, color selection is the second most important factor in a decoration. The color of the room for dinner must be in accordance with your dining furniture. If you have a large dark wooden desk is not recommended to choose light colors on walls. Likewise, if all you bright-colored furniture, avoid a dark wall color selection. In general you will avoid mixing too many colors at once in your dining room. Remember that this room to enjoy good food and supportive atmosphere during the conversation between family members so that as much as possible to avoid the emergence of contrasting colors that are too causing psychological disorders.

3. The area of ​​space
Pertimbangkanan area of ​​the room with accessories and furniture in it. There is no right or absolutely wrong when talking about the function of a room, but consider the selection of accessories and furniture in the room will greatly help to create the impression of a broad or narrow room.


4. Layout
It is not enough to just realize the size of your room. The first thing you should consider is how the space is available and how much furniture you need, then you need to choose what is suitable furniture, will be placed where. This can be a difficult job and requires careful thought. There are many different philosophies - different about this arrangement, some people prefer the style of a highly symmetrical, while others prefer the style to flow freely.

5. Attention to detail
As a final touch of decoration that you do, there are several things you can add. For example you can use a curtain with a matching color with the color of the walls, the use of fabric as an additional accessory at the table.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good tips on ordering furniture

 In order furniture is an easy affair easy to hard. If you've ever ordered furniture before, let alone already have a subscription in the making, will memjadi easy thing, yet another time if you are new First Instance ordered it would be quite difficult.
In order not to have trouble, adabaiknya you already know what you should consider before ordering furniture. Here are some tips that can help you

 1. Discuss in advance with people who never or often ordering furniture. Their experience can help you decide where and how you order furniture.

2. Do not forget to note the place a friend recommended ordering furniture. Make sure the furniture production of satisfactory results.

 3. Prepare a list of items to be your message and express your wishes. to bed, for example you want a slim shape to fit your space is limited.

4. Ask for opinions on the material and material suitable for digunajkan with the owner of interior design, because they usually have the right choice disusuaikan funds are available.

5. A good furniture workshop owner, usually an agreement in advance about the material to be obtained, so that buyers do not feel cheated at having to spend substantial funds.

6. Manufacture of furniture ever made a deal

7. Do not hesitate to make complaint about the furniture that does not correspond to your expectations, either about the color or materials used.

8. A good interior workshop owners, usually do not hesitate to discuss about all things interior, and the buyer has few alternatives furniture maker, so do not be disappointed after choosing one of them.

9. We of the Interior arty always open to discussing with you so that you have the desired furniture with funds that you are targeting.

10. Happy hunting furniture ..

Modern Livingroom

Every home - depending on the type of house types - can display the different living room. For example, American-style houses, patio shades of cream is very thick. In this room, American style can be created by presenting a plain brown sofa sofa combined with floral color matching. Paint must also be cream-colored walls to make the room seem warm.

On the right and left the couch, give a standing light (lamp stands) with a painting hanging on the walls. Lighting is also dominated by the classical chandelier in the middle of the space that combine elements of the iron rod-shaped leaves with clean white lampshades. In this room also provided a room divider with gold and brown.

The living room can be presented with a semi-classic shades of lime green-filled sofa three seats combined with a single chair (sofa one base) color broken white linen. Round coffee table made from pewter or some sort of black aluminum and mahogany will complement the arrangement in space. Realize the element length as a chest of drawers to put your item collection. On both sides of the light given three seat sofa corner. Impression of a warm country living can also be presented through the use of parquet flooring (wood) and cowhide rugs are spread out under the coffee table.

The living room like an oriental style Chinese culture is very familiar with the use of red, golden yellow, and black in every room of the house. For it is not surprising that the living room brings the oriental style peculiar to the Chinese-painted murals on canvas colored red.

Three seat sofa in black with red accents on the pillows, sofa paired with a gold colored holder. Among the couch put the red color light with a series of artificial flowers. Paint the walls are also painted with pastel yellow color.

Living room with a touch of modern style is perfect for those who want a room that is simple and clean. You can buy furniture that lined modern design with a minimum knacks. Color broken white sofa, matching cream-colored walls with floors, brown coffee table combined with the color beige. To give a fresh impression, give a touch of green presented by the plants in pots placed in a corner table. Like other modern styles, all the furniture in the room must have a function.

So no problems deciding the style of your living room, the following quick tips arrange the living room. First, the living room area of ​​land cultivated does not take much of the overall area of ​​your home. This is because the room was rarely used, so do not be too big. For it was better furniture that is functional just like the sofa and single chair. As its function to receive guests, create warmth and kinship, namely by applying a light color. Use lighting that is also warm to give a friendly impression. If possible even better if it could memasimalkan natural light to create an opening or a large window.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A good kitchen lighting

Make sure the kitchen area you are getting enough sunlight. Important role of natural lighting for the kitchen. In addition needed for lighting and kill the seeds of bacteria, can also prevent the kitchen from nuisance animals, like cockroaches and rats who enjoyed corners of the room dark and damp.

The kitchen should have artificial lighting is bright enough to replace natural light. Artificial lighting should be adequate (not dimmed and no glare) to perform each job and see the changes in food color. Lighting is too dim or too bright can cause eye strain. For more details click on "Architecture Room" and "Kitchen Architecture".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Choose the Best Wood Quality

Do not need a grand house with redundant accessories  to bring the atmosphere of  cool, comfortable and beautiful  in the room, provided you know how to choose and anticipate your house must look beautiful and fun.

1. Select the best wood
Impressive warm wood windows. This arises from the grain that appears  on the surface.  If you want to bring  a window  made ​​from  wood, it is important  to see the quality. Quality is based on strength, density, and the likely shrinkage / expand.

It is also important to choose the wood is completely dry to the window. How to find out easily. Choose wood that has been dioven perfect. It is important that your windows will avoid shrinkage / expands once installed.

In addition to dry, kayupun should be resistant to termite attack. You definitely do not want to see termite eaten wood windows. For that, make sure the wood has been given anti termites before being installed.
If you do not want pemakian drug use teak wood. Everyone knows, teak wood is very strong and termite resistant. The older, the stronger the teak wood.
2. blend of wood

Should not be afraid to mix and match your old wood furniture with a minimalist. your new furniture right choice, then the combination will be good. interior of your home even more unique look. to avoid mistakes in choosing  furniture, you need to bring a photo of  your room and old furniture, when buying or  choosing  the new  furniture

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