Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interior Dining room tips

The presence of a dining room on the present is perhaps the most important room in the house. This is mainly due to the presence of this room also serves as a place where we gather as a family to spend quality time together. Naturally, if you then think about the decorations for this room, to try to show your personal touch, but also still give priority to the friendly atmosphere and comfortable rooms for guests.
Below you will find 5 tips for decorating a dining room and how you can transform your living room into the most popular place of your dwelling.

1. Identify your personal style
Some of us prefer simple and functional furniture. While some others prefer the luxurious style and full of accessories. Everyone has taste and style of each, so keeping the decor makes a consistency with other rooms in your home in style.

2. Color Selection
After recognizing your personal style, color selection is the second most important factor in a decoration. The color of the room for dinner must be in accordance with your dining furniture. If you have a large dark wooden desk is not recommended to choose light colors on walls. Likewise, if all you bright-colored furniture, avoid a dark wall color selection. In general you will avoid mixing too many colors at once in your dining room. Remember that this room to enjoy good food and supportive atmosphere during the conversation between family members so that as much as possible to avoid the emergence of contrasting colors that are too causing psychological disorders.

3. The area of ​​space
Pertimbangkanan area of ​​the room with accessories and furniture in it. There is no right or absolutely wrong when talking about the function of a room, but consider the selection of accessories and furniture in the room will greatly help to create the impression of a broad or narrow room.


4. Layout
It is not enough to just realize the size of your room. The first thing you should consider is how the space is available and how much furniture you need, then you need to choose what is suitable furniture, will be placed where. This can be a difficult job and requires careful thought. There are many different philosophies - different about this arrangement, some people prefer the style of a highly symmetrical, while others prefer the style to flow freely.

5. Attention to detail
As a final touch of decoration that you do, there are several things you can add. For example you can use a curtain with a matching color with the color of the walls, the use of fabric as an additional accessory at the table.

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