Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Choose the Best Wood Quality

Do not need a grand house with redundant accessories  to bring the atmosphere of  cool, comfortable and beautiful  in the room, provided you know how to choose and anticipate your house must look beautiful and fun.

1. Select the best wood
Impressive warm wood windows. This arises from the grain that appears  on the surface.  If you want to bring  a window  made ​​from  wood, it is important  to see the quality. Quality is based on strength, density, and the likely shrinkage / expand.

It is also important to choose the wood is completely dry to the window. How to find out easily. Choose wood that has been dioven perfect. It is important that your windows will avoid shrinkage / expands once installed.

In addition to dry, kayupun should be resistant to termite attack. You definitely do not want to see termite eaten wood windows. For that, make sure the wood has been given anti termites before being installed.
If you do not want pemakian drug use teak wood. Everyone knows, teak wood is very strong and termite resistant. The older, the stronger the teak wood.
2. blend of wood

Should not be afraid to mix and match your old wood furniture with a minimalist. your new furniture right choice, then the combination will be good. interior of your home even more unique look. to avoid mistakes in choosing  furniture, you need to bring a photo of  your room and old furniture, when buying or  choosing  the new  furniture

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