Sunday, December 19, 2010

You are confused create a modern minimalist home design?

You are confused create a modern minimalist home design? Material selection is complicated in its Interior Design?
There is no question, parquet flooring, wood flooring suitable for all styles styles: minimalist house, modern, ethnic home, Mediterranean homes, apartment minimalist, eclectic, tropical homes, tropical minimalist home. But what kind of existing parquet?

Parquet floor can be applied in almost any interior design or interior design houses including the house design minimalist. Starting from the design of the outside terrace, foyer designs, home interior design, design living room, family room design, dining room, bedroom to a home theater interior design. Why? Because in addition to functions that make the space warmer, parquet flooring has become a symbol of luxury and elegance.

Material for parquet wood in Indonesia, mostly teak manifold, merbau wood, coconut wood, wood sungkai, wood sonokeling, wood and ironwood bengkirai used by the architect's house. The latter is fairly expensive and somewhat difficult to find both the house interior design services or the services of an architect's house. If imports are usually manifold parquet, oak, lime, cherry, walnut or maple. Parquet shape also varied ranging from square, rectangular or triangular. And parquet can also be formed with the pattern of curves, circles, if you order it specially.

Well, just sharing the knowledge there are 3 types of parquet that you should know that is solid parquet, laminate parquet and veneer parquet.

Solid wood parquet, meaning that the entire parquet made of solid wood pieces, with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. The surplus, according to the price that can be more 3 times the parquet laminate, ie every time you can merefinshing as much as you like. The impression of luxury and soft interior design you'll get. The disadvantage is, vulnerable to termites for certain types of wood. Sample images below are solid teak parquet in a minimalist home interior.

If one day you intend to buy a minimalist home with the lure of home interior parquet flooring, check the type of parquet and parquet when it is installed. If it is made of solid wood, the older the more expensive price. If the laminate, the older the age of the installation of an architect's house, prepare to spend to replace it.

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